Noah Warwel: for producing, mixing and optimizing my album.

Lukas Steffens: for playing the drums and mastering my album.

Hannes Zimmer: being the incredible technician at my release concert and bringing out the absolute best of my voice!

Stefan Knebel: for prerecording and prearranging my album

Noah Norenberg: for the amazing Photoshoot and making me look like a real musician

Nathalie (NANA) Forest: for emotional, musical support and marketing tips

Caro Kelley: musical tips and playing banjo

Christian Unterreiner: for his love and support and hours of listening to me wanting to give up

Isabelle Beschorner: for her support before everyone else even knew I made music and the most amazing album artwork

Bianca Schlüter: for supporting me at every concert, being an absolute angel and best friend in every situation

Lisa Zimmer: for her love and emotional support, for believing in me and picking me up so many times

Both my Parents and Bonusmom: for their support and endless hours of listening to my violin and piano practice

Every single friend that comes to my shows, supports me by listening to my music and is there for me on every step on the way!


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